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City tours of Bucharest

A capital from discovering that for years was hidden behind the wall of communism, nowadays it offers itself to the visitors entirely. The first impact with the city can seem harsh at the sight of gray buildings that overlook the Grand boulevards which reminds us very much of the period of Ceausescu's dictatorship; but, like any European city, even the Romanian capital will offer wonderful views while walking on the streets of the old residential quarters that will fascinate you at the sight of the ancient face of Bucharest, breathing art and history.

The legend that narrates us the story of the birth of the city tells that its name derives from the one of the shepherd Bucur (in Romanian "bucuria" joy) but is actually Vlad Tepes (Dracula the Impaler "), in a document signed by him in 1459, which certifies the existence of Bucharest as capital of Wallachia and Romania's capital.

Palazzo del popolo - di Ceausescu L'arco di trionfo L'Atheneu di Bucarest

From the People’s Palace, built by Ceausescu (second largest in the world), to wide boulevards, museums and churches, Bucharest today has a very important cultural life. Romanian characters such as Eugen Ionescu, Mircea Eliade, Emil Cioran, Constantin Brancusi, George Enescu, have made Romania famous in the whole world. An example is the classical music festival dedicated to the great composer George Enescu held every year in Bucharest.

Bucharest is today a cosmopolitan city full of colors, of people all around the world, a city that offers concerts, shows, exhibitions, meetings, with a culture that makes it special in every sense.

City tour of Bucharest-1 hour (without visits)

Includes: the most beautiful squares in Bucharest (Plaza Victoriei, p.zza della Rivoluzione, p.zza Dell ' Università, Pu, p.zza p.zza Romana), the major boulevards (BD. of victory, unity and Blvd.) and the most important buildings and monuments (Palace of the Parliament, Government, Palace of Justice, G. Enescu Memorial House, the Royal Palace, the Arch of triumph and others)

Rates: 15 euro/person minimum 2 people (tour with driver/English speaking guide)

Services: city tour of 1 hour by car with driver / English speaking guide

City tour of Bucharest 1/2 day (with visits)

Includes: visits (Parliament building, Palace of Cotroceni, Patriarhale Church, rural outdoor Museum), tour of the squares in Bucharest (P.zza P.zza victory, revolution, P.zza P.zza University Merged and P.zza Romana), the pedestrian area of the old town with street Lipscani, Smardan for souvenirs


2-3 pax: 50 euros/person
4-6 pax: 40 euros/person
7-15 pax: 35 euros/person
16-22 pax: 30 euros/person
23-40 pax: 25 euros/person

Services: transport, the visis as described, guide in English available for half a day, lunch not included and entrance tickets to museums and palaces.

Tour of Bucharest in the evening (dinner show)

Includes: city tour of Bucharest in the evening (the main boulevard, the most beautiful monuments and squares of the capital) + walk in historical center + specific Romanian dinner with entertainment at the famous restaurant "Caru cu bere" restaurant - a historical monument.


2-4 pax: 40 euros/person (tour with driver / English speaking guide)
5-8 pax: 35 euros/person (tour with driver / English speaking guide)

Services: city tour by car with English speaking guide / driver, dinner with entertainment (drinks not included)

Tour of Bucharest by night (pub, club, disco)

Includes: city tour of Bucharest by night (the main squares and boulevards of the capital) + walk in historical center / old town + dancing evening in Music Club (bar-club-pubs with live music) or other bars/pubs/discos on demand


2-4 pax: 40 euros/person (tour with driver/English speaking guide)
5-8 pax: 35 euros/person (tour with driver/English speaking guide)

Services: city tour by car with English speaking guide/driver, entrance Music Club (or similar)

Tour of Bucharest for shopping and souvenirs

Includes: Bucharest city tour + shopping in the capital's major shopping malls/souvenir stores

Rates: 15 euros/hour (transportation with driver/English speaking guide)

Services: transportation with driver/English speaking guide

Dracula incontra vlad l' impalatore

Discover the castles of Prahova county

  • Duration: (1 day)

Goal of this one-day tour are the attractions of the Prahova valley. First stop is at the best-known mountain station of Romania: Sinaia the so called "Pearl of the Carpathians" because of the lush nature that surrounds it and for the existence, in the mountains of the castle of the Kings of Romania, Peles Castle that enchants so much the visitors with its fairy-tale scenery as Charles I desired. Near the castle we can find the building of Pelisor, home of the rulers for daily life, known for the decoration of the rooms designed by Queen Mary, as well as for the design of furniture. The second stage of the tour is a visit to the infamous Dracula's Castle or the castle of Bran, made famous by the novel by Bram Stroke. The view of the Castle is exactly like that from a movie: laid on a spur of rock and accessible only by a narrow road that climbs up to the entrance... Traditional lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the valley and the Castle (on request). The final stage will be represented by the ancient city Brasov (Kronstadt in German) with its famous Central Square (square), the Black Church, the White Tower, the Schei district, with its narrow streets, its surroundings and its vitality. Optional dinner, suggested by the Guide, at a specific, traditional restaurant from Brasov. Return towards the capital.

Services included:

  • transportation by car or minibus 8 + 1 seats (400 km)/li>
  • driver/guide in English

Services not included:

  • tickets for the museum visits


  • 8 pax group fee: 45 euros/person
  • 6 pax group fee: 55 euros/person
  • 4 pax group fee: 65 euros/person
  • 2 pax group fee: 75 euros/person